Manufacturer of Custom Designed Tubing and Sheet Metal Products

Crest Bending, Inc. (CBI) works with multiple types of tubular, structural, and sheet metal products that are manufactured for hydraulic and mechanical industries.

Crest Bending, Inc. located in New Washington, Ohio, is an American metal fabricating company devoted to customer service and quality. Tube bending was among the first services offered at Crest Bending, Inc. After many years of expertise in the steel fabrication industry, we are now able to offer a multitude of services. These services include, but are not limited to, tube and sheet metal bending, end forming, cutting, plasma cutting, powder coating, welding, punching, piercing, and drilling. At Crest Bending, Inc. we feel we are your “total package”.

All of our parts are designed in accordance with customer specifications and approval. Our Engineering Team and Quality Assurance Department work hand in hand with our clients, from the design process to the final production run. When you need tube bending or metal forming services, try one of the industry leaders and experience the customer commitment you expect and deserve.

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